Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie apocalypse is coming! Get prepared now!

Zombie or walking dead has been the best theme for Hollywood film makers for decades now and it seems that the same idea never get bored. What could we really learn from these zombie movies? Well, like it or not zombie apocalypse is coming and perhaps or most probably those Hollywood movie makers know that this is indeed real and are trying to educate us about it. You won’t know where they got the info from… they might have some of those creepy secret agents that work invisibly on their payroll!

The zombie survival kit is exactly what you need to go through this age of extinction and defend yourself against an onslaught of half dead zombies. This survival kit comes complete with a whole bunch of weapons that are unthinkable to the timid mind. These bad ass knives, parang and machetes will definitely scare even the meanest of killer zombies away.

What’s included in the zombie apocalypse survival kit?

The kit includes three sharp knives (Gerber LMF II Infantry, Gerber DMB folder and Gerger Epic), two machetes (Gerber Gator Machete and Gerber Gator Machete Pro), the Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang – this is the most bad ass of all, the Gerber Camp Axe II high performance axe and a sturdy canvas carrying case with reinforced stitching and handle for easy transportation.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

The verdict?

Frankly, no one knows if the zombie apocalypse is real or it’s just a movie gimmick. But if you can’t sleep well at night always thinking that it will happen anytime soonest that you think then this zombie survival kit is exactly what you need. Keep it where you can reach them quick so that when those stinkin’ zombies come you’ll be ready for them! Amazon is selling this bad ass zombie attack survival kit with shipping is on them but we wouldn’t know when this offer will be gone forever.

If the zombie prediction ain’t real…. well, we guess you can still use them on a burglar that tries or has entered your premise. That will scare the hell out of them! This weapon is darn’ real don’t play-play with it.