Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator

Half Life 2 Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator Replica.

Half Life 2 Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator replica The ‘Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator’ or commonly known as the ‘Gravity Gun’ replica is a must own collectible item for all Half Life’s diehard fans. Modeled after Gordon Freeman’s ultimate weapon, this replica is made exactly as how it looks like in the game. You would be amazed by how detail Neca has gone into in making this replica.

Just pick it up and you will notice that from the handles to the claws at the end, this replica is an exact recreation of the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator. Every detail is precisely done, from the weathered metal look all across the device to the tiny power gauge just like the in-game model. It even comes with a strip of duct tape to attach on the side during the game.

The most impressive thing that we found about the gravity gun replica is the lighting effect. When turned on the replica almost looks like as it is a real gun and if anyone wants to make a movie about Half Life this gun would definitely make it. The orange plastic diffuser in the center is cleverly done that it is able to produce subtle color variances, giving it a very real sense of depth to the lighting.

The only downsides is there is no feature to keep the pulsing light and humming sound effect on. While not everyone would love the sound constantly going on all the time but having the option to do that is simply awesome. Besides, the device only features the sound effects of holding an object and firing it, there’s no sound effect for pulling. While having all these features is great but that’s hardly really something that should stop you from getting this incredibly detailed recreation of the weapon from one of the greatest game of all time.

While the Neca’s Portal Device replica comes with a stand for displaying purposes, the Gravity Gun replica however does not have one. Instead Neca has done something differently with this replica – it has two small built-in kickstands hidden in the bottom of the device. These stands are carefully designed so that it won’t be obstructive when flipped out and blend right with the rest of the device that you might be thinking that it is just part of the real thing. They flip back up into the device when you’re ready to fire with the weapon.

The Half Life 2 Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator replica is can be brought from amazon. Go check it out for more info and reviews from fans that have already owned it.

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