Whirley Pop

Make delicious popcorn with Whirley Pop.

Whirley Pop Popcorn MakerAdmit it popcorn is the best snack in the world… everybody simply loves it especially when heading to the movies. We’ve no idea who invented popcorn but we do know that you can too make delicious crisp corn at home, which might better than those that you buy from the snack counter at the theaters. What you need is a good popcorn popper and that’s why we recommend the Whirley Pop popcorn maker.

Don’t let the primitive design to fool you. The Whirley Pop can make 6 quarts of theater style popcorn in just three minutes and makes your kitchen smells like the movie theater. All you need to have is enough of quality oil and popcorn. Anyway the cheap stuffs would be great too but it is preferably that you use canola oil, which it healthier and won’t cost you that much. This popcorn maker doesn’t need plenty of oil, just a tablespoon or two is enough. It leaves no kernel un-popped.

The important thing that you should pay attention is the heating. Don’t use high heat becauseĀ  the Whirley Pop is made of thin metal that heats up quickly (which is also cool quickly without burning) and you would ruin your popcorn by setting the burner high.

This ingenious popcorn maker is simply the best choice especially if you’ve only tried using microwave or any other kitchen utensils. They taste so much better that you won’t go back to the old route once you’ve started using the Whirley Pop popcorn maker. As for cleaning, it isn’t necessary to dunk it in soap suds every time you use it. In fact it’s very easy to clean, just simply wipe it out with a couple of paper towels right after use and go over it with a soapy sponge every 5-6 uses. That’s it. And by the way, this stovetop popper comes with a 25 Year Warranty on all moving parts! That’s amazing, isn’t it?!

The Whirley Pop stovetop popcorn maker is available at Amazon for $18.70 (July 11th, 2014) and if you are getting this as a gift, perhaps you might want to consider the gift set package.