The Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Roaster

Make your delicious marshmallow indoor.

Here’s a kitchen gadget that you might want to take a look if you love marshmallow – the indoor flameless marshmallow roaster. This s’mores maker is designed to be used indoor and it is capable of producing campfire-worthy toasted marshmallows without an open flame. Yeap, you heard it… it can roast your marshmallow to perfection.

The specs.

This roaster has a divided tray that holds a ready supply of chocolate, graham crackers or candies for your marshmallow creations. The tray is bigger that you imagine and can fit most of your stuffs inside. It also comes with fours stainless steel forks for roasting your yummy marshmallows. All pieces can be hand wash easily and it plugs into an AC socket to work.

The verdict?

We are not into sweet things but we do enjoy marshmallow once in a while. This little marshmallow roaster comes in handy for anyone that want to roast some sweet delicious marshmallows indoor. It’s convenient and easy to set up especially when you don’t want to get outside to do it. In short, this is a perfect desert s’mores maker and it makes a great wedding gift for friends that are going to get married or for the coming Christmas.

How much?

This kitchen gadget costs $69.95 and you can get it from Hammacher.