Tactical Ninja Sword

Become a tactical ninja and start fighting crimes.

Snake EyesSnake Eyes is one of our favorites in the ever best action hero figures of the G.I Joe team. In our modest opinion, he is the best in the team with all the tactical weapons and sleek ninja suit – cool and fast, these two words describe him best.

Being a action hero might be a far reach for us but that does not stop the dream to go on. With the secret agent tactical ninja sword, now you can become or a better word pretend that you are the master of the sword, a ninja in disguise (it can be in your pajamas) that tries to save this world from devastation….well, at least in your own space and mind.

This badass sword is pretty sharp and you got to be extremely careful when practicing your ninja sword swinging skills. Make sure that no one nears you and that includes your dog or cat else you will be involved in a horrible homicide case.

The specs.

Secret Agent Tactical Ninja SwordThis ninja sword features a full tang blade that made of 440 stainless steel black anodize finish, by which the blade is held firmly in the handle and you’ll get all the strength when cutting. It has a cord wrapped handle that adds grip and comfort when you’re handling the sword. The black sheath that comes with the blade is made of durable nylon material.

Our opinions.

The tactical ninja sword is pretty cool and the length is just great. It is about as long as your middle finger to your elbow and though is not a full blown sword, it’s surely good enough to cut a zombies head off effectively. The cutout design and the partially serrated blade are impressive and that absolutely add to the tactical ninja feel. We love it!