Satechi LED Desk Lamp

Sleek and Functional Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp.

Satechi Smart LED Desk LampWe were looking for a new desk lamp because the one that we normally used in our cramped office cum lousy apartment has been certified death two weeks ago. The lamp has served us good and we believe it was time for ‘him’ to pass on. Tears were rolling down our cheeks as we were sending it off to the junk store. Okay, enough for the sad story…. life goes on and not long after that we found a good replacement – Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp.

We were specifically looking for the LED type because it not only lasts longer but also consumes less power compares to a normal desk lamp – the one that uses old style fluorescent tube. We fell in love with this lamp as soon as we saw it.

Unlike those boring lamps that you normally see at the store, the Satechi LED desk lamp is a very modern light with minimal design. That just makes it looks good with any type of home design. Being a green technology lamp we were not totally surprised to learn that this lamp has four different lighting modes: reading, study, relaxation and bedtime. Each mode is specifically designed to function or accommodate to the user’s different need as according too the situation.

For example in reading mode, the light will adjust to mid range color temperature so that it could stimulate concentration and which at the same time reduces eye strain. On the other hand, in study mode, the light will adjust to high-range temperature so that it could increases the users’ attention and concentration. These are absolutely clever and the person that designed this lamp is simply genius.

The specs.

The Satechi LED desk lamp is a very practical light, it has two flexible pivots so that you can adjust it to fit your need. Being an energy efficient light, it has a timer function that can turn the lamp off after a certain period of inactivity. It also has a USB charging port that can be used to charge your mobile phone or mp3 player – just leave your charging adapter at the place that it should be.

There’s one thing that we nearly forget to mention, this is a smart touch lamp…. which means it has no physical switch for you to turn it on or adjust those incredible built-in features. The One-touch panel at the base controls every function of the lamp.

There are only two colors for you to pick; it’s either black or white. With the glossy finish they would definitely look great in just any environment.

The verdict?

The Satechi LED Desk Lamp is a very cool light with sleek design. It has all the features that we haven’t thought of and that’s absolutely awesome. The only down side is this lamp does not come cheap, it cost almost a hundred buck to own and  you can check it out more at