Satechi Desk Mat

Quality leather desk blotter.

Desk blotter is something that you will need to have if you spend a lot of time working on your desk, especially when you have a really nice workstation table. You won’t want to leave any scratches nor spill any liquid on it and in fact you should get a clip cup holder for ultimate protection. So if you’re looking for a quality synthetic leather desk blotter then you should really check out the Satechi desk mat.

Leather Desk BlotterThe Satechi desk mat measures 24.4 x 13.8 x 0.1 inches in size and that covers quite a wide area of your desk. That is big enough to hold a computer keyboard with still room for the mouse to move around. And yeap, this desk mate can be used for writing, typing and navigating your mouse. It’s comfortable and absolute goes well with the mouse.

Besides, the faux leather surface has a nice fine grain, which makes it hard to differentiate from the real thing and that adds elegance to your workspace.

This desk mat is available in a wide range of interesting color like black, blue, brown, white, green, pink, purple and orange. That leaves you with a lot of options in finding the right one that suits your desk color. For us, as usual we would pick the black since it is the most universal color that goes extremely well with just any tone of color.

Like the LED desk lamp, this desk blotter is another quality product of Satechi and that’s why we aren’t surprised to know that it is a little pricey compares to other brands of desk pad. If you are interested in this item, go check it out at Amazon.