Pivot Power Strip

The clever pivot power surge protector.

If you are looking for a cleverly designed power outlet to accommodate all your chargers adapters and plugs then you should really check out the Quirky Pivot Power Surge Protector. The Quirky Pivot Power 6 outlet is one of those rare genius inventions that makes one say, “Why the heck nobody think of these before?”

The Quirky pivot power strip is a simple yet effective device that everyone should pay attention to. It practically solved the problem with wall warts and adapters that come in all sort of bulky and odd sizes. Think of Mac chargers, AC adapters, battery cells chargers and etc. You might be wondering how it is done?

This can be done because the thing swivels. Simply plug one wall wart in and twist until it is out of the way of the adjacent outlet and there you will have enough space for your next adapter. With all outlets twisted and bent, it is now possible to plug in six multi-outlet space eating wall warts but we doubt you have six of them.

Seriously, the idea is genius but what we find it rather creative and practical “at least for us” is we can make it twisted into a circle and have it wrap around a table leg. It makes everything looks not only more organized but also enable the geek sits at the neighbor table to share the outlet.

Quirky Pivot Power Strip

There is a nice white on/off button beside the power cord and when turned on, the area around the button glows blue, which indicates that it is working good. The electrical cord is about six feet long and heavy duty. The electrical plug is one of those normal round flat that is canted about 45 degrees and when plugged in the wall socket the wire is on an angle pointing up the wall. Some people might not like this especially if your electrical outlets aren’t fixed just above the ground level.

The Quirky Pivot power strip is available in black, green, grey and white. If you think 6 outlets is too much for you then you can check out the Pivot Power Junior which features only 4 outlets. For us, we prefer the larger version because we have lots of gadgets and devices (both useful and junk) to charge each and every time. Amazon is offering this at an inexpensive price and for us it is definitely a bargain. If you don’t need a flexible power strip perhaps you might want to get it for someone who needs it, for example college student, geeks, co-workers and etc.