Phantom Keystroker
High tech office usb prank device.

Phantom Keystroker V2If you are the ‘fun’ guy in your office then you would absolutely love the Phantom Keystroker V2 – an upgraded version of the original Phantom Keystroker that has been discontinued.

This litte usb prank device would surely drive your victim mad. It randomly moves the mouse pointer around, toggles the caps lock and types out garbage text at random intervals. There are switches on the side that let you to choose any one of these or if you are mean enough just turn all of them on. There is a dial that you can set the duration between the annoying events. Note that this prank device would not do any damage on the computer and it would never hit the return and enter button.

How to use it?

Just attach it to an unused USB port of your victim computer without his knowledge.; it doesn’t require a driver. Now wait for the fun to begin.

Be cautious when using this!

Never use this prank gadget on a person that can’t take a joke or else you would regret it. We’ve done that and that fellow has never talked to us anymore. Secondly, don’t try to use it on your boss especially if you are not familiar with his/her temper. Lastly, although the Phantom Keystroker V2 is absolutely safe to use, you should never use it on anyone’s system who is doing critical work where disruption could cause serious consequences.

Thinkgeek is selling the phantom keystroker for $9.99 but if you prefer amazon, you got to pay more because they are offering this at $14.06 with free shipping option.