Perplexus Epic

Challenging Perplexus Epic 3D Puzzle!

If you haven’t heard of Perplexus, it is a very popular challenging 3D maze that contained within a sphere. What you need to do is basically guide a small silver ball around an obstacle course until it reaches the final line. It’s easy to play but it takes a lot of practice and patience to master. Perplexus Epic is the later version of the original game and it is definitely harder to crack and conquer. Originally marketed as a kid’s toy, this 3D Labyrinth has attracted the adults to play it too and that’s why the Epic is less colorful than the previous version. It was designed so that it does not look like a toy but instead a gadget that you can use to fill up your time with challenging task.

Perplexus Epic 3D PuzzleNow about Perplexus Epic, the guy that designed this game is definitely an evil genius. Unlike the first version where you can guide the ball as quick as you want once you knew what you are doing, this model requires you to make it slow because you have to finesse the ball different ways in different areas or the ball would go off the track. It’s real challenging and definitely not for people who are not patient.

And to keep track of your progress, there are numbers in the sphere so that you would know how far and where you’ve gone and there are a total of 120 of them. What we don’t like about the Epic is the numbers are impressed and not colored into the plastic. This makes it somehow difficult to read but not totally impossible. Other than that, it is an absolute cool challenging game that you can play anywhere and anytime. It surely can train our brain to act or respond instantaneous. We believe that people in their golden age would benefit from it too. Training the brain to stay active is the key point to avoid Alzheimer’s disease.

Finally, if you’re looking something to kill time, then you should consider the Perplexus Epic. Not only that it is challenging, it also develops your motor and dexterity skills. Imagine that you have the ability to control even the smallest thing with your hands, that would be totally awesome. This game is definitely ‘best’ for both kids and adults and perhaps you should also add it into your shopping list for this coming Christmas or as a birthday gift. Check it out on