Newtons Cradle

Stylish Executive Newton’s Balls Desktop Ornament.

Talking about Sciences, we must admit that we don’t know much about the laws of conservation of momentum and energy. But that doesn’t stop us from finding this Newton’s Cradle, which we think would make a great decorative ornament for your office desk. We’ve seen it in the movie and those bosses would have one of these on their table. We doubt any of them would know the exact sciences behind this awesome toy gadget because neither do we.

How does it work?

You simply lift the end steel ball and allow it to fall back and the ball at the opposite will swing out the same distance. This is simply what Newton’s third law is trying to explain. Don’t ask us any further because if we knew it we would have been spending our time in the labs and blogging about gadgets that we love.

This balance balls are made of stylish chrome finish and the base is made black coated wood. If you are bored with those endless reports that are stack on your table, then you should lift one of the ball and let the swinging starts. That simple act might clear up your mind and help you to re-focus your attention towards your job hence making you more productive. Just imagine your mind as the opposite end of the Newton’s pendulum and you would get recharged almost instantly.

Makes a great desktop gift and so if you have run out of ideas of what to buy for this coming festive season then perhaps you might consider this Newton’s cradle. It’s unique, inexpensive and stylish. We think that your boss and co-workers would love it but just don’t get the same thing exactly the same time. Wrong timing makes a dumb decision and that’s why we recommend you check out the Natico Ultimate Executive Decision Maker. You can check out Newton’s pendulum here.