USB Charging Station

Multiple USB charging station for all your charging needs..

Multi Device Charing StationIt’s very common for a household to have more than a few smart gadgets or devices. What if everyone in the family wants to charge their iPhone, iPad and Droids at the same time but there’s not enough of socket? Or what if you can’t locate all your chargers?

Here’s the solution for your charging needs – introducing the multi device charging station that can accommodate different kinds of gadgets at the same time.

The specs.

The sleek Anker multiple usb charging station has five device specific charging ports which support the iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tab and Android devices. This charging hub measures 3.6 x 2.6 x 1.0 inches in size and weighs 14 ounces, portable. The accompanied AC power cord is about 5 feet in length and the total combined outputs is 5A. That makes it possible to place it on your desk and charge all your devices whilst still working on your laptop computer. There’s no need to drain your laptop battery for charging purposes; not to mention that charging all these gadgets can take up all your useful computer USB slots.

The verdict?

It’s amazing how people can come out with such a clever idea of combining all different types of device charger into one slim and portable charging hub. If you are like us, having multiple USB devices, you might want to consider replacing all their individual chargers with this single USB hub. For the small price you pay, this usb charging hub is definitely worth it.