Mindflex Duel

Sharpen your mind power skill with the Mindflex Duel.

Mindflex Duel GameHave you seen people move or bend an object just by staring at it? It’s amazing, isn’t it?

What moves the object is none other than the brain power in use. It’s not magical stuff that you are told to believe and sciences have already proven that. Known as telekinesis, this process needs the demonstrator to have a supreme concentration that makes the mind so focus that it can influence the object that it intended to. It’s like turning the mental power into something physical force that can move the thing.

Wouldn’t it cool that you can do the same thing?

If you are interested in stuffs like that then you would probably want to get started with the Mindflex Duel Game that is based on the original Mindflex Game. However, unlike the later version, this game can be played solo or duo.

The Mindflex duel uses electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to scan your brainwaves and control the movement of the ball. The head band scans your brain for a single mental state that Mattel calls “concentration” – the more you concentrate the faster the fan on the nozzle spin and thus move the ball forward. Now we believe in what the Buddha says is true!

The specs.

This mental game challenge consists of two headset and a large white games board that looks like a cross between a Wii Balance Board and a sled. Each headset requires 3 pieces of AAA battery to run while the board needs 4 pieces of C batteries to operate. You would need a Philips screwdriver to install the battery onto the board.

It has five integrative challenges/modes: 1) Power Push, 2) Mental Marathon 2.0, 3) Race the Lights, 4) Cortex Collision and 5) Basketblaster. We nearly forget to mention that it also has obstacle pieces that you can fit on the board to enhance the game difficulty.

Mindflex Game

The verdict?

The Mindflex Duel Game is seriously the type of mental game that you need to have in order to achieve the Jedi mind level. Well, okay you may not achieve that kind of supreme mental level but you would definitely have a lot of fun playing this game with your friends and families. Not forget to mention that you can sharpen your concentration and telekinetic skill. If you are planning for a party then you should also include some fun game like this.

The price?

This mental Mindflex Duel Game is sold at Amazon.com.

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