Marshall M2 Micro Amp

Portable Marchall micro amp.

Marshall Micro AmpFor aspiring musicians that can’t be without their electric guitars, here’s a pretty cool stuff that lets you jam on your axe wherever and whenever you want and let’s us introduce you to the Marshall MS2 Micro Amp. This little gear is specially built for guitarist who needs a portable amp for warming up before heading out for the real show or prior attending an audition. Aside from that, it can easily replace those big brother power amps if you are heading to play in places where electricity is simply not accessible.

This Marshall micro amp measures 2.4 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches in size and weighs only 12 ounces. The best thing about this 1 watt amp is it only needs one piece of 9V battery to work, yeap just one single piece of small dry battery.  Beside volume and tone controls, the Marshall micro amp also features a headphone jack for those who want to rock out in private without having to disturb other people in the house. This is especially true for those who stay at the dorm or sharing a room with other.

Don’t underestimate this little guy because you might be surprised of what it is capable of – it’s absolutely a terrific sounding machine even for its small built size. Having a small private jam at home with your buddy band mates is definitely not a problem.  However, don’t expect that it can completely take over the place of your primary amp which comes with more controls and even more powerful amplifier system. A small wattage amp like this is definitely not an option to play with at Madison Square Garden.

If you are looking for an amp to use for warming up and can be conveniently carried in a duffel bag, this is absolutely the best choice. Heading to the jam room would never be the same again because you can play along your guitar while waiting for your jam mates.

Not a guitarist? Then you should consider getting this for friends and families who are crazy with their electric six-strings. Get it as a birthday gift and we doubt they won’t not fall in love with it. This little amp is only sold for less than 50 bucks from