Laser Projected Keyboard

The futuristic style laser projection virtual keyboard.

Of all the stuffs that we’ve covered so far, we believe the coolest thing of all (at least somehow related to pc and mobile ) is the laser projected keyboard. This smart device projects a full size 78 key virtual keyboard on a flat surface and it connects to almost any gadgets that has Bluetooth connection enabled such as the iPad, iPhone, Android devices and laptops. Once connection is established you can start typing on your laser virtual keyboard that’s not only looks exceptional cool but also allows you to type faster with precise accuracy. By the way, if you computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth, it also works via a USBĀ  connection.

This little gizmo is designed to be absolutely portable and that’s why it is just slightly larger than a typical fob that you might have for your car, alarm and etc. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, it can last up two hours when fully charged.

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

The specs.

Apart from the normal projected keyboard layout, this cool gizmo also includes a mouse mode for track pad style capabilities. However, this feature does not work with iOS devices. The laser is available in two colors: red and green. Besides that, this laser device also has customizable features such as adjustable volume (yeap, it does have sound if you prefer that), brightness, connection settings and etc. And if you don’t mind carry in your pocket daily, there’s a keychain at the upper corner to attach your key. Works kind of a geeky fob!

If you want to look like as if you are living in the science fiction world, then this laser projected keyboard is absolutely forĀ  you. It’s sleek, sturdy, practical and look sexy. Being a small sized gadget, it works great with portable devices such as iPad, smartphone and Android tablet. The keyboard with red laser comes in two version the red laser and the green laser and you can find more reviews and photos at Check it out now.