Gotham Bike Light

The theft proof Gotham Defender Bike Light.

Gotham Defender Bike LightHere’s a great bike gear for our fellow cyclist readers and introducing the Gotham bike light – a theft proof bicycle light that got started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2012. This project was initiated by two fellow dudes that got the idea when their friend’s bike light got stolen one night and which ended him with a car accident.

Since its launch in 2012, this bicycle accessory has received a lot of praises and comments from its users around the States. The Gotham Defender bike light is very tough; throw it on the wall, down stairs and in the mud, it will still stay intact. It is built to endure any extreme weather conditions and that’s why you can just leave it outside with your bike without worrying that it would get rusted and being stolen.

The security of this gear is based on its obscure keyed tightening bolt and you would need to use the supplied tool to mount/unmount to your bike or changing the batteries. If the light ever get stolen, you can request for a replacement from the manufacturer by filing a police report.

The supplied tool and the light come in a nice string bag which is reusable and you can use it to keep the tool.

The specs.

This light consists of six strong LED light that provides 50 lumens of brightness with 30 degree primary beam angle and 80 degree secondary bean angle. It fits all handlebar sizes ranging from 22mm to 32 mm.  With two mode function: steady light and flashing, it is powered by 3 pieces of AA batteries (included in the pack) and they can last up to 50 hours of steady beam and 100 hours in flashing mode. The Gotham bike light is available in black and chrome.

The verdict?

This bike light is just awesome and we couldn’t resist giving it a full five stars. If you use it with the bike laser tail light, that could be very cool.


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