EverStryke Match

Survival Everstryke Perma-Match for FREE!

Everstryke Perma-Match Fire StarterWe love survival stuffs very much and that’s absolutely true when you can get it for free. Now before we begin, we’ve covered some of the items that belong to the survival category and in case if you’ve missed them, you might want to check them out: credit card knife, UCO Stormproof Matches and Lifestraw personal water filter.

These items are crucial especially when you’re planning to spend time exploring the wild. Now one of the things that you should know how to do is starting a fire and to do that nothing beats UCO matches. They work even after getting submerged in the water. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a backup gear to start your camp fire when it is free.

Let’s us introduce you to the Everstryke Match which is available for free from Survival Life. This nifty fire starter gadget is small in size, which it’s just as big as those normal matches you use in the kitchen. Fits comfortably well in your pocket, this match kit also has a key chain hook that you can use to snap it to your house key. Don’t get cheated by its size because this small guy is capable of producing 15,000 burning strikes which is more than enough even if you have to spend the rest of your life in the jungle. One thing that we absolutely love it is that it can start a fire whether  in the rain sleet or snow.

How do you claim it for free?

That’s the easiest part, just go to Survival Life and fill in your address and pay the shipping and handling fee. That’s it…. and by the way, they even give you a survival guide in a pdf format for free.

Check it out now!