Fogless Shower Mirror

It’s time to get a fog free shower mirror.

Fog Free Shower MirrorIrritated with the fogging up mirror each time you take a shower? If that’s the case then you should really take a look at the fogless shower mirror by ToiletTree Products.

This fogless mirror has been proven to work 100% all the time and you’ll never have to deal with fogging up issue ever again as this mirror will always be perfectly clear to do all the things that you want in the shower such as shaving or admiring your own beauty.

How it works?

Simply fill up the reservoir behind the mirror with hot shower water before using. The hot water keeps the mirror the same temperature with the environment in your shower, hence preventing fog from building up.

This fogless shower mirror is guaranteed to be fogless for life and it does not require any annoying fog free sprays ever. Mounting is fast and easy thanks to it’s removable silicone adhesive and double sided tape. It also comes with a built in squeegee to clean off the mirror when required.

The mirror can be tilted so that everyone in the house can find the perfect angle when using it. Another nice touch is there’s a convenient shelf located below the mirror to place items such as razor, sponges and tweezers.

Available in three different colors: black, white and silver, this mirror works exactly as it says it does and you can be assured about that because thousands of positive opinions couldn’t be wrong. Foggy mirror belongs to the history now.

This mirror is available at for less than 50 bucks, so what are you waiting for….  go check it out. It makes a great Christmas gift if you haven’t figured out what to buy for the coming festive season. The guys that shave everyday will going to love this clever stuff, without a doubt.

Check it out now!