Floating Bookshelves

The incredible Zen bookshelf that floats in the air!

Invisible BookshelfFor fans of Harry Potter or sort of magical stuffs, these floating bookshelves are a great idea to enhance your living space. This invisible bookshelf magically creates an illusion that makes your books look like if they are floating above the ground. A splendid illusion that makes anyone that sees them wonder whether they are drunk or have just step into the wonderful world of magic.

How to install it.

Installation is extremely fast and easy. Just attach the sturdy, L-shaped self to the wall using the screws that come with the shelf. Then slide a hard cover book (should be the largest among the books you’re going to place on the shelf) on the ledge so that the shelf is wedged in between the book back cover and pages. To secure the book cover from falling, place it into the small groove at the bottom of the shelf. Finally, stack any other books on top of it and you’re done. A perfect floating bookshelf!

So if you are looking for a minimalist bookshelf that is reasonable priced and easy to install then you should consider getting these bookshelves. They look absolutely great in any home and everyone who sees them would definitely be amazed and want to know how they work. Not forget to mention that it would be the most focal point in your home!

The specs.

The invisible floating bookshelf measures at 5.5″x5.2″x5″ in size and weighs approximately 11.2 ounces. Each shelf is capable of holding up to 15 pounds worth of books. The maximum stack height is 16 inch. Mounting hardware is included and all you need is a screwdriver to get it installed.

The verdict?

We can’t find any reasons why these floating bookshelves aren’t great. They are clever and super cool and we bet that you would love them too. We’re giving these invisible bookshelves 10/10!


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