eCool Beer Cooler

Have you seen an eco beer cooler before?

Eco Beer CoolerHere’s a cool invention that targets all beer fans and this is absolutely a great news too if you are a eco supporter – eCool Beer Cooler. Unlike any other beer cooler that needs to be plugged into an electric outlet, this genius beer cooler harnesses the natural resources of our mother earth to work it stuff. It’s quite nothing fancy but what truly amazes us is the implementation of the whole thing – definitely a brilliant one!

The earth cooler is designed to be an easy-to-install system and no one should complain about it. You can use a garden drill or even a shovel but we doubt that you would enjoy digging a 4 feet hole laboriously. That would be unnecessarily tiring, however, a real man never complains.

This system can be put in the ground in your backyard, patio or campsite. When you need to pull a can out to chill yourself, just turn the hand crank on the side and a new one surfaces. It’s so convenient and addictive that you would want to turn the hand crank again and again! Trust us on this!

The specs.

The earth cooler is 113 cm in height (that’s less than 4 feet), 22-30 cm in diameter and weighs about 12 kg. It can hold 24 of 12oz cans and can stay installed for the darn’ whole year.

What’s the price?

This Eco beer cooler does not come cheap but at $369 it’s definitely worth it. This is especially true if you love hanging out with your buddies just outside your home. Moreover, beer lovers would surely want to have one of these when planning for an outdoor trip (beach, camping, barbeque, backyard, picnic, etc). The motto is now you can “save the world with one earth cooled beer at a time!”

Head to the ecool site for ore info.