Crookes RadiometerAmazing Scientific Device – Crookes Radiometer.

We quite love decorative desktop ornaments and stuffs like this. Some people prefer a totally clean  desk with nothing on it except the monitor screen and the keyboard. We’re absolutely opposite … we simply love things that crowded our desk. While stomping the internet recently, we found a quite interesting toy on Amazon, it’s something known as Crookes Radiometer  (although Amazon named it radiometer, it’s not quite correct in the deeper sense).

Now you might be wondering what’s a Crookes radiometer? If you’ve paid attention in your science class during the school days then you would absolutely know what it is. We weren’t and that’s why we took a 10 minute crash course with Mr.Google.

Crookes radiometer also known as light mill is an airtight glass bulb that contains four rotating vanes suspended inside it. The vanes rotate when exposed to light and the more intense the light the faster they spin. In bright sunlight, they can spin up to several thousand rations per minute! Amazing isn’t it? Note that the bulb glass has to be completely vacuum else the radiometer would not work.

This device is mainly used in physics class as a demonstration of how a heat engine run by light energy. But don’t get it wrong, it also work great to place it in your office especially on the window sill. It makes a great conversation piece when the sun is shining and it’s spinning like hell.

This device require no batteries to operate, just daylight but if you want to make it spin using a torch light that’s of course doable. Although it is sturdily constructed, bear in mind this is a thin glass bulb similar to a light bulb and it will shatter when dropped. That’s why we don’t recommend this for children as toy. It’s dangerous for them. For more info about this inexpensive device, check it out at Amazon.