Copro Bag Cap

Cleverly seal your bagged foods!

Can’t finish your chips and it’s time to throw it into the garbage bin because the chips would get stale anyway? Getting sick of searching for plastic container to store your loose foods? Well, here’s a great solution for you – the Copcro Bag Cap. With this nifty kitchen gadget, you will no longer need to remove loose foods from their original packaging and which, you can still retain the directions for use, nutrition facts and most importantly the expiration date.

How to use it?

Just attach the two-piece Copco bag cap to your open bag and that’s it. The smaller piece goes inside the bag while the larger piece with the lid attached outside. It’s very simple to use and it won’t take you more than a half minute. Whenever that you need some chips, candy, frozen vegetables, crackers or grains, just simply flip open the cap pour out as much or as little as you need. After you’re done, snap the cap closed and store.

Made from silicone flexible plastic material, the copro bag cap is refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe and this makes it just perfect for any types of bag that you need to store.

This clever gadget comes in two sizes; large (rectangular) and medium (round). Check it out at Amazon.