Atlantic Centipede Gaming Stand

Organize your gaming hub smartly with the Atlantic Centipede.

Most gamers don’t really care about how their room looks like especially after a long heavy gaming session. We’re not saying that such attitude is bad because we could understand how indulging it could be when you’re on a mission to save the world or the princess. Without a doubt, it’s the only time we can be a hero and that is such a great escape from the real world.

The only problem is what happens next?

Well, as said a messy gaming hub! It’s very common to find game consoles lying all over the floor with the controllers thrown here and there. If this is not enough there are game discs and boxes lying haphazardly all over the place. If your mom comes visiting, you’ll get a hell of whacking!

The solution for such situation is to get your game hub organized with the Atlantic Centipede Gaming Stand. It is a central gaming hub that is designed just for gaming geek. Every thought has been given to produce such an magnificent gaming hub that we believe you’ll love to have one in your room.

With the Atlantic Centipede Gaming Storage Center, all your gaming consoles, peripherals, games and even your TV can be organized in a very smart way. The stand supports a flat TV panel of sizes up to 37 inches but we’ve heard that there’s a gamer that put a 42 inches TV on it and amazingly, it fits perfectly.

The shelves below the tv platfrom can easily holds up to 3 sets of your favorite console. It has 12 game racks on both sides of the stand and if that’s not enough for you all serious gamers, there’s a lower shelf to stack even more games. And don’t worry, we got your game controllers covered – the Atlantic Centipede has 6 controller racks on both sides and it even has a convenient hook for hanging your headphones or gaming guitars.

We have to say it, the Atlantic Centipede game storage & tv stand is simply a great way to store and organize your game systems. It keeps everything neat and easily accessible in a space efficient storage design. Most importantly, is makes your room room or the lounge looks absolutely nice. Unfortunately, we’ve stopped playing serious game (maybe once in a while) nowadays else we would’ve ordered one right away. The Atlantic Centipede gaming stand can be bought from Amazon and if you’re lucky, they might having an offer right now.

Updates: We’ve just covered the Atlantic Gaming Desk. Check it out this cool desk!