AK47 Ice Cube Tray

Your Absolute License to Chill!

We all here love urban legends, they are creepy, frightening and mysterious. They all work very well in the movies and we absolutely love them. One of the urban legends that we stumbled recently is killing using bullets that are made from ice. The idea behind this is of course when the bullet melts, there will be no trace of whatsoever murder weapon and thus no one can solve the case. A perfect crime as they call it. Now can you imagine bullets that made of ice? That would make killing easy because anyone can kill from afar without leaving a trace and that would bring a lot of headache for the police? Actually we just saw a movie recently and this urban legend came up, however, the storyline is even more clever – but let’s finish this first. The AK47 bullet ice cube tray is designed to create such bullets. They look real cool but unfortunately for all you psycho killers out there, the ice bullets are made for chilling, not killing.

The specs.

Novelty Ice Cube TraysThe novelty ice cube tray is made of two halves and it can produce ten nice ice bullets at a time. If you are planning a summer party and you wanna something real cool, this AK47 ice cube tray is just what you are looking for. Throw them in the fruit juices and amaze your guest with thisĀ  killer bullet shaped ice!

What we love more about this bullet shaped ice is they are really slim and therefore have an added advantage. If you need a cold bottle of Heineken but you’ve forgotten to put them in the fridge first then simply pop these ice bullets into the bottle; you don’t have to pour them out first.

The verdict?

This is absolutely great for an inexpensive novelty gift. Buy it for your brother, dad, friends, neighbors, colleagues and etc. Now let’s us finish with our crime story. The investigators suspected the killer was using ice bullets but after some tests, they concluded that ice bullet was simply not possible – listen to this all you psycho killers. In fact, the killer was so brilliant that he used bullet that made of bone because once it penetrated into the human body, the bullet would break and mixed with the real human bone. Therefore, it made it very hard for the coroner to differentiate them. Anyhow, this movie was depicted in the 40s era and so they didn’t have any high tech gadgets to help them in the investigation. If it were to happen in this digital era, the killer would be caught the next day because the idea was so dumb today!

This inexpensive ice cube tray can be purchased from Amazon.com.


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