AeroGarden 7

Grow you own mini indoor herb garden!

Indoor Herb GardenFor urban citizens that want to grow plants but don’t have enough of space or time, here’s a great solution – introducing the hydroponics system by AeroGarden. Hydroponics is a cool way to grow your plants indoor without having to use dirt and soil. This new trend of growing plant is utilizing a type of nutrient rich water solution with man-made lighting, which it’s waaay more convenient and manageable for indoor growers.

If you would like to try out hydroponics, we recommend you get the AeroGarden 7 pod indoor garden system that comes with prepared gourmet herb seed kit. This smart kit includes everything you need to get started and it is definitely suitable even if you stay in a small apartment.

This mini portable garden is self-sufficient, meaning that you don’t need to do everything except adding water and nutrients as indicated by the control panel. In fact, this clever system even turns the lights on and off to maximize growth. A simple push on the button will fully automate the whole garden process.

The specs.

This pot measures 10 x 18.5 x 21 inches in size and weighs 11 pounds. It includes an air pump for nutrient distribution, efficient lighting system and the “plug and grow” seed pods. The growing area is adjustable to 12 inch high so that your plants have enough of space as they grow.

The verdict?

The AeroGarden 7 is perfect for kitchen counters or any indoor growing. Place it in your living space and you’ve the best mini garden that you can stare at while taking some time off from your stressing and tiring daily routine. Not only that you can enjoy self growing herbs and greens, you can even save money in the long run. It’s organic, cheaper and faster to grow compares to the conventional way.

We here at Real Cool Gadgets are mainly meat eaters but somehow we still love to have an indoor herb garden placed near our workstations so that we can lose ourselves in time staring at some real growing plants.

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