Addalock portable door lock for extra security measure.

Addalock Portable Door LockWe’ve never believed in an absolute safe world and neither should you – that’s the reason why we’ve featured some tool that you can use to increase your security especially when you are traveling outside and staying in hotel or motel. We love inexpensive but practical tools and in case you’ve missed them, here are the links: travel door alarm and super grip deadbolt lock. Here’s we bring you yet another effective security device that was highly recommended by people who’ve tested it – addalock.

At first glance, the addalock seems quite ordinary with a metal plate and a red plastic handle.  Don’t be fooled by its look, this small device is actually a portable door lock that installs in seconds with no tools required. What it does is it actually reinforces the existing door lock which a strong grip that holds the door lock mechanism and so even a person with the key can’t open it from the outside. Like the super grip deadbolt strap, this nifty lock also only works from inside with the door open inwards.

The addalock can be installed and removed in seconds and obviously this is the kind of lock that you would want to have when you are staying in hotels or motels in foreign places. It’s an added security measure that you can rely on and with that you can sleep with peace at nights.  This inexpensive lock can be bought from